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Professionally developed by the US army, the AGCT is a quick, comprehensive and extremely accurate measure of IQ.

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Validated by millions of test takers, the 1980s SAT is a gold standard IQ test and is accepted by virtually all IQ societies.


The big brother of the 1980s SAT, the GRE boasts an additional analytical section and a brobdingnagian ceiling of 172 IQ.


Inspired by the WAIS-IV, CAIT provides a streamlined experience to accurately measure one's FSIQ.

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Modeled after the Wonderlic, the CWQ offers a robust measure of your intelligence in twelve minutes with a strong correlation to the official test.

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Choose from a wide range of tests spanning six cognitive functions to deliver the most comprehensive assessment of your intelligence.
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Cognimetrics offers tests that have been developed by the professionals in the fields of psychology and cognitive science, with millions of test takers to base your score against.

Our tests have been proven to load on intelligence at a comparable level to professional tests such as the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scales and Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scales.

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IQ distribution amongst the population

Average scores by country

See how countries rank in IQ scores.
105.0 Singapore
104.6 Hong Kong
104.0 South Korea
103.6 Japan
103.5 Taiwan
102.8 China
100.8 Netherlands
100.7 Switzerland
100.7 Finland
100.6 Estonia
100.5 Canada
100.1 New Zealand
100.1 United Kingdom
100.0 Sweden
100.0 Austria
100.0 Belgium
100.0 Germany
99.8 Australia
99.6 Czech Republic
99.3 Iceland
99.0 Luxembourg
99.0 France
99.0 Italy
98.9 United States
98.8 Poland